Conference Beat™ – SIAL: Paris, October 2016



SIAL (Salon International de l’Alimentation) is the largest food innovation conference in the world, housing over 7,000 exhibitors throughout five consecutive days. Every two years, the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte (just outside the city limits) is transformed into a city of culinary exploration. Leaders in foodservice, retail grocery and food ingredient businesses come to present their latest product innovations and anticipate future industry related trends.

Star Ingredients

Truffles are becoming a mainstream ingredient seen in a large number of everyday products, from burgers to condiments. Pulses (i.e. peas and lentils), chia seeds and kale continue to captivate consumer tastes.


Trends that Interconnect & Conflict

The Culinary Visions® Panel has identified OxyModern as the phrase for cultural contradictions driving trends in the food industry, and examples were displayed on the world stage of SIAL Innovation.


Food is Primary Source of Pleasure – indulgence, with unique presentation and preparations from chefs, defines eating out; it is balanced by an overall desire for a healthful lifestyle.


Ingredient Avoidance – gluten free has become globally desirable with products like gluten free puff pastry alternatives. “Free from” products like egg-free mayo and dairy free products were widely available.


Modern Veg-Centric Dining – vegetable centric dining has driven development of new plant based offerings and more delicious vegan cuisines.


Modern Mediterranean – Spain and Greece are both emerging as major food cultures in the Mediterranean, and each of these countries set up restaurants and cafés to showcase their cuisine in a cultural context. Turkey gained notable attention as the next major cuisine to watch, with bold contemporary marketing and major exhibits throughout the show.


Packaging Focus

Minimal packaging continues to dominate; yet, unexpected packaging like pure fruit emulsions served in foam canisters that looked more like health and beauty products drew great attention.


Global Consumer Insight

Consumer insight released at SIAL showed consumers around the globe are increasingly concerned with food prices and convinced that food can cause health problems. There is growing interest in organic produce and sustainable development.


Implications for Food Marketers

Dig Deeper for Innovation Insight – in-depth consumer insight that identifies core lifestyle values points to what’s likely to be the next big thing to capture consumer interest.


Food Trust is a Global Issue – consumers have less confidence in food quality and more confidence in food causing health problems. Interest in sustainable
development rises.


Modern Interpretations of Authentic International Foods – as global flavor experience grows, consumer interest in new flavor exploration expands.


Taste Talk Tweet

Twitter chatter included:

  • Boxed water is on the rise, replacing bottled
  • Insects are the new sustainable protein snack
  • Microalgae is the future of food
  • Coconut water is a leader in healthy beverages


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