Trend Spotting

Ethics on the Go Study – October 2017

Ethics On the Go is Culinary Visions Panel’s latest study in their Mindful Dining Initiative™ project. It surveyed 1,500 US consumers’ attitudes on ethical decisions that impact their dining choices of convenience and portable foods outside the home. The study finds that while all consumers care about ethical eating, consumers under 35 years pay the closest attention to responsible practices behind menus. Consumers under 35 years have a deep interest in how their meals are made which indicates that food choices aren’t just about the body anymore – they are about the mind too.


Read this Study to know more about:

  • How consumers view “trendy” restaurants as ones who commit to ethical practices
  • How age demographics separate consumers’ opinions on organic and ethically produced foods
  • Consumers’ willingness to pay a premium price for ethically produced snacks, as well as their desire for more ethical convenience items

Conference Beat™ – Foodscape, Chicago, August 2017



The future of food was the focus of this conference, where industry leaders and entrepreneurs with cutting edge new businesses met to share fresh ideas and new thinking on food and technology.… More

Conference Beat™ – International Dairy Deli Bakery Association Show, Anaheim, June 2017



Leaders in the dairy, deli and bakery business gathered in Anaheim to learn about the latest products and opportunities for their operations. Conversations focused on solutions to the challenge of consistently delivering fresh, healthful and delicious food to consumers.… More

Conference Beat™ – Sweets & Snacks Expo: Chicago, May 2017

The Sweets and Snacks Expo draws more than17,000 attendees and 760 exhibitors from around the world; buyers represent supermarkets, mass merchandisers and specialty retailers, who delight in the snacks and confections at almost every booth. The expo continues to grow, with over 200 first time exhibitors at this year’s show. It’s a captivating place to spot emerging trends in the sweet and savory snacks market.… More

Conference Beat™ – National Restaurant Show: Chicago, May 2017



The National Restaurant Association (NRA) International Foodservice Marketplace is an annual event where over 2,000 companies from around the world showcase their products to more than 45,000 foodservice professionals. This year’s show illuminated trends that are sure to have a lasting impact on the
foodservice industry.… More

France Global Dining Study – May 2017

This French Consumer Dining Study is the latest report published by Culinary Visions Panel in its 2017 series of Global Dining Studies. Concurrent with SIAL Innovation Conference in Paris, Culinary Visions Panel surveyed over 1,000 French consumers about their attitudes and behaviors related to meal choices at home, in the workplace and at restaurants. The study finds that French consumers have high and varied dining expectations when it comes to healthfulness, such as desiring healthier snack options as well as dining choices that are both healthy and delicious.


Read this Study to know more about:

  • How the importance of food trust influences French consumers’ decisions at restaurants and supermarket delis.
  • French consumers’ interest in ethnic foods and their openness to try new flavors and dishes.
  • The comparison between consumers in France and America when it comes to dining behavior at restaurants, in the workplace and at home.

Mexico Global Dining Study – April 2017

This study is the third in the North American dining series where over 1,000 Mexican consumers were surveyed about their attitudes and behaviors related to meal choices at home, in the workplace, at restaurants and at the supermarket/deli. Consumers were asked about their trust in restaurant dining, their view on healthfulness and how convenience plays a role in their lives. Responses from this survey were compared to the US and Canada Consumer Dining Studies to reveal how consumers in all three countries are similar and different in their dining habits.


Read this Study to know more about:

  • How Mexico is a family centric dining culture, both in and away from the home
  • The regional cuisines that are trending in Mexico and how these can influence global menus
  • The differences between consumers in Mexico, the US and Canada when it comes to compromising taste for healthfulness

Food Market Culture Report – March 2017

1,039 consumers were surveyed around the United States regarding their expectations, attitudes and behaviors when visiting various food markets. Consumers were asked about their perspectives on a range of markets from farmers markets to food halls. Specific aspects of the market experience that appeal to consumers are the collaborative energy, extensive variety of vendors and social experience that offers a little something for everyone.


Read this Study to know more about:

  • How food markets make the connection between consumer and vendor, so that food trust is established
  • The comparison between consumers’ experience with famers markets and food halls as opposed to supermarkets and delis
  • The importance of food markets for multi-tasking lifestyles

Deli Destinations – February 2017

The subject of this 2017 study, explores the characteristics that draw consumers to make certain food venues their destinations when dining at and away from home. Over 1,000 consumers throughout the U.S. were surveyed to identify aspects of shopping in the deli that make it unique, crave-able and worth the visit (or wait). Consumers were asked about the importance of convenience, the need for unique deli options and the draw of food markets as destinations.


Read this Study to know more about:

  • The type of products that attract consumers to the deli as a destination
  • The reasons consumers are drawn to food markets & food halls, and how these experiences can be brought to the deli
  • How consumers crave restaurant quality at the deli and how this quality standard influences supermarket choice

Hot Spots & Hidden Treasures Restaurant Guide 2017

We are delighted to share some of our favorite culinary experiences from the richly diverse neighborhoods of Chicago. There are always plenty of hot new restaurants around town, and our 2017 edition includes a special section on Food Halls that you may enjoy exploring as this trend heats up around the country. Our recent consumer survey from Culinary Visions® Panel revealed that 60% of the consumers surveyed like to roam around with a beverage and absorb the whole environment of the market. We think you will too.… More