Covid-Conscious Consumers Drive A Dining Evolution, 2020

Culinary Visions conducted a nationwide consumer survey with more than 2000 consumers to gain a better understanding of the dining expectations, attitudes and tendencies of pandemic-era consumers away from home. The survey delves into the ways in which pandemic-related restrictions are likely to continue to affect consumers’ lives and the ways in which foodservice providersRead More

Modern Hospitality, 2019

The Modern Hospitality Study surveyed 2,000 Americans, ages 18-55+, about their preferences and interest regarding modern hospitality trends dealing with technology, community and atmosphere, and the personalization of food. In-depth secondary research and consumer interviews were conducted to focus areas of inquiry. This study from Culinary Visions explores how modern hospitality and foodservice trends driveRead More

Cottage Cheese Reimagined, 2019

This project was created to demonstrate Culinary Visions’ unique ability to reimagine time-honored products with on-trend culinary ideas that appeal to modern consumers in a whole new way. The project explores the possibility that cottage cheese may be the next trendy food, similar to the rise in popularity of yogurt and hummus. Culinary Visions chefsRead More

Cannabis Products, 2019

The Cannabis Products project was created to reveal insights on the future of cannabis in the food industry by surveying 1,938 consumers. The study reflects Culinary Visions’ distinct ability to anticipate trends in foodservice. This report explores consumers’ interest in various cannabis-infused products and cannabis-related experiences, while also gauging consumer knowledge and motivations.… More

Fresh Perspectives, 2018

The 2018 Fresh Perspectives Study examines existing consumer perceptions on what defines freshness when shopping for groceries, eating away from home and while on the go. In this study, 1,500 US consumers nationwide reported their opinions and purchasing motivations toward fresh food. Topics from The Fresh Perspectives Report include an analysis of fresh definition, freshRead More

Global Indulgence, 2018

The Global Indulgence Study examines various choices consumers make w hen eating desserts outside the home and what influences these choices. With 2,000 total survey respondents, data was collected from five countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany. The study further provides a cross-country analysis of consumer behaviors and attitudes thatRead More

2019 Trend Forecast

Culinary Visions collected insights from culinary professionals, scoured more than a dozen trade conferences and surveyed over 5,000 consumers to learn about the foods and flavors most likely to captivate consumers this coming year. This year, the conversation was as much about the ingredients and those involved in bringing food to the table as it wasRead More

Ethics On the Go, 2018

The Mindful Dining™ Initiative, an ongoing body of work from Culinary Visions, examines consumer attitudes towards ethics-based dining choices outside the home. In this study, over 1,500 US consumers were surveyed about their attitudes towards ethical eating choices that impacted their behavior for convenience and portable food purchases. Topics from the “Ethics On the Go”Read More